Hearing screening

We do neonatal (new born) hearing screening to identify hearing loss as soon as possible so that management can start early, providing a child born with a hearing impairment an opportunity to develop speech and language at the same pace as that of their peers.

School based hearing screening, we do to identify outer and middle ear infections and treat them at the earliest opportunity, preventing them from causing extensive damage or disability.  It also helps to identify congenital or early onset hearing loss.

Hearing Assessment

Using the latest technology,  we can assess all aspects of hearing, middle ear function and retrocochlear function. All of our equipment is portable and mobile, allowing us to perform assessments anywhere in the country.

Hearing Aids and Assistive listening devices

We provide custom made hearing aids of all kinds. Our hearing devices are of the latest technology and design. We also provide service and minor repairs to hearing aids. We provide accessories such as batteries, filters, dry aids and tubing.

Aural rehabilitation

We facilitate learning to “listen” for normal hearing and hearing impaired persons. Some people may struggle to hear in certain environments despite having normal hearing. Some people who have been fitted with hearing aids after long periods of impaired hearing may struggle to “listen”

Speech Therapy

We provide assessment and remediation of all speech and language and communication problems in children and adults: language delay, stuttering, voice disorders, dyslexia, speech and language rehabilitation post stroke and head injury. We also provide communication training for autistic children as well as children with other developmental disorders

Tinnitus Management


Tinnitus is a medical term for a sound that one can hear without an external sound stimuli that is often a symptom of an underlying health condition such as hearing loss. Tinnitus can be bothersome and thus, affect the quality of life of an affected individual.

Ototoxicity Monitoring

We monitor the auditory health of individuals on treatment of certain diseases such as MDR-TB and certain types of cancer as hearing loss and imbalance are often one of the major side effects.

Hearing conservation

We perform noise surveys in the noisy working environments such as construction sites, the production industry such as textile factories, transport industry and many more and tailor an industry specific hearing conservation program to preserve employee hearing health and protect it against hazardous noise exposure.

Custom Ear and Swimming Plugs

We specialize in custom noise filters for noisy working environments and swimming plugs to protect the ear against some of the disorders caused by swimming in cold or unclean water.

Wax and foreign body management

We clean ears of wax and anything that should not be in the ear using the latest technology.

Dizziness & Balance Assessment and Management

The balance organ is situated in the ear. We provide assessment of balance disorders and patient specific rehabilitation to improve the quality of life of affected individuals.